Become Miss Tiffany’s chastity bitch


I’m so sick of perverts like you jerking your dick to videos of me so I have an answer to that. You’re dick is going to be locked up in chastity because I never gave you permission to cum. Look at this awesome chastity device that is going to fit around your small dick. It’s made of metal so there is no way you’re getting out and I am keeping these keys. You need to learn some discipline if you wish to serve a mistress like myself. – Miss Tiffany

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Tease and Denial 3, Part 2 to 5


This is part 2 – 5 of Tease and Denial 3. An endless nipple, ball and cock tease and denial torture over 50 minutes. you will love it!Detailed describtion follows.

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Playing with our chastity devices

We love locking losers like you up and watching you suffer. It’s so much fun to see your dick in chastity while we tease you with our sexy bodies. We have plenty of chastity devices just laying around and we love to put them to good use. You’ll become totally helpless and so submissive once you’re under our lock and key. Just imagine how amazing it’s going to feel to be locked in chastity by two hot dommes like us. How could you possible resist? – Alexis Grace and Jewell Marceau

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Mistress Pleasure 1, Part 5 of 5 parts


Chastity Mistress Astrid has nothing in Her mind but Her pleasure! This is the last part of 5 parts. The cock tease and denial torture goes on with a devilish tongue treatment. The slave is near to hell, but no end in sight. A mouth dildo is strapped on the head to have a new possibility to get more satisfaction! The slave chaste ti must serve Her until She gets the next orgasm the slave is nothing but a lust slave! After serving, Chasity Mistress Astrid takes the cb and want to lock the slave up, who is near to absolute madness

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Locked up and teased

I think you need a little control in your life. I am going to put this chastity device on your cock and lock it up. You’re going to be my little chastity slave until I am satisfied. Your dick will be all stuffed into this chastity cage and you won’t be able to touch yourself. If you try to get a boner, it will hurt. I am going to tease you each and every day with my sexy body while you feel humiliated all locked up in chastity. Look at how small this cage is. You’re pathetic. – Raven Rae

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Nylon Tease and Denial 1, Part 6, Mistress Cut


This is the Mistress Cut of part 6 with over 10 minutes special bonus material! More extreme, more intensive, more hard scenes! The incredible teasing torture goes on! Chastity Mistress Astrid teases the stiff cock still with Her sexy feet. Tease and Denial in its best way! She changes the torture with Her finger and Her devil tongue. The reaction of the slave turns Her so much on! slave chaste ti tries to struggle, but no chance for the helpless one. It is beyond all bearing! Chastity Mistress Astrid compounds Her endless, extreme tease and denial torture with an ice cube and the chastity belt

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